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PRODEJ - Fleky u Nýrska

Řadový rodinný dům 3+1/T/G, 90 m2, pozemek 410 m2

ikona dispozice 410 m2
ikona poloha Fleky u Nýrska
ikona cena

3 850 000,- Kč


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What is the part of our service?

We offer to all our clients an individual approach, comfortable and safe service for selling, buying or renting of a property. We provide a real estate broker, who will take care of all agenda items. Since we have been established in the real estate market for number of years, we are able to provide true experience.

When you need to sell:

  • We will give you advice on a selling price and will carefully analyze every property, including properties of our competition and potential target groups.
  • We will consult with you regarding the method of the sale.
  • We use our own database of relevant contacts.
  • We will make professional pictures of your property.
  • To advertise, we use a wide scale of advertising providers, including printed and outdoor advertisement.
  • We will arrange all inspections of your property, we can also substitute you and save your time this way.
  • We will put together all necessary documents (title deeds, project documentation, final inspection approval)
  • We will arrange complete legal service, as well as account, advocate or notary custody.
  • We will provide certificate of energetic needs of apartment, house or building.
  • We will arrange an expert reference.
  • We will help you to hand over sold property, including the handover protocol.
  • We will make a financial disclosure report for acquisition of property.
  • We will change registration of all mediums for new owner.

We are also able to:

  • Advise or help with inheritance or execution of a will.
  • Provide project documentation and other legal steps.
  • Arrange mortgage loan the way it is favorable for you and also comfortable, or refinance, so it is favorable even more.
  • Quickly insure your property or household.

When you need to rent:

  • We will advise you about the rental price, so it will correspond to current demand (we carefully analyze current trends)
  • We advertise in a wide scale of advertising providers.
  • We arrange inspections of properties, where we will accompany or cover for you.
  • We will help you to find right tenants.
  • We will prepare rental contract.
  • We will help you to hand over rented property, including the handover protocol.
  • We are also able to change registration of all mediums to a renter.
  • Within the scope of longterm cooperation, we will be able to take care and control your property in a agreed upon period.

Other services:

We can cover for you and take care of your property permanently in case you are abroad. If you provide us with a power of attorney, You would maintain control of monthly payments while we solve potential problems. On the surface, we would control your property for an agreed upon period of time and would be in close contact with the tenants. In case of termination of the rental contract, we would effectively search for a new tenant, ideally with no interval between old and new contracts.

When you need to buy:

We will take care of this subject in detail in section consultancy.

Couldn’t find a reality service you were looking for? Don’t hesitate and contact us today.

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